Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arty Ideas for Dr Sketchy December

Heres some info about our Dec models to get your creative Juices flowing!

Missy Malone and Leyla Rose are delicious stars of the burlesque scene, raven haired temptresses with dazzling costumes. I have done studies of both these women in the past and I can only begin to express what a treat they are to draw.

Leyla Rose is 100% curves! Perfect for charcoal, thick marker pens or other soft flowing media... or why not sneak in some watercolour crayons. Leyla is elegant and voluptuous with a big dose of sauciness, think classical venus meets bettie page! You'll be able to create some beautiful curvy artwork.

Missy Malone is a bundle of larger than life energy on stage and strikes a great pose, her expressive face is great to capture, if you like drawing cartoons and charicatures you'll LOVE drawing Missy. Simple media for quick sketches is recommended, try sketching her while she performs as capturing her movements makes for a dramatic image.

Both women have great faces to get likenesses of or to charicature if that's your bag! They will be doing some joint poses and the juxtaposition between their very different characters and figures is a great thing to focus a drawing on.

Also, dont forget if you fancy meeting the ladies in person and having them teach you a think of two about burlesque, their fan dance workshop is on Sunday at the Ropewalk, more info on the sketchy website

Our additional model for December is Peachy Clean, a local lass with a lot of attitude and style, she plays in all girl punk band The Smears and it'll be her birthday at Sketchy, cake cake cake!

I'm just uploading a few pics from the last sketchy, taken by me so they're a bit rubbish, our proper photographers images are on the way, i'm sure they're a million times better than mine! Theres a video that i've just put on youtube too, check the group as i'm adding it shortly.

Dont forget about our FREEE mini Sketchy event, open to all ages (parental supervision for under 16s please) on Nov 14th at Danse Macabre exhibition
It'll be at the old Beatties Toy Shop, round the corner from angel row Library. It starts at 3pm, be there or be terribly uncool! Bring your own media as usual, you may want to bring a cushion or blanket as seating may be limited however we will make sure there are seats for anyone who has genuine difficulty sitting on the floor....and we'll mop so it's nice and clean!

Our models are Maleficent Martini (gothy punky ballerina!) and Dee Christopher illusionist extraordinaire who will be performing at the private view later that night. Bring your black crayon, it's going to be dark and spooky!

Tickets for Decembers event are on sale now!
Hope to see you there!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Doctor Sketchy Deux Round Up

A BIG thank you to everyone who attended the very funny second Dr Sketchy Nottingham!

I havent read all the comments cards yet as I've been struck with the dreaded lurgie and excessive amounts of deadlines but feedback we will be listening to so far is ....

  • More opportunities to talk to and get to know the other guests. This is being addressed! We are looking at ideas that won't involve embarrassing team building-icebreaker games that are popular at conference and swingers parties and that will hopefully involve more social time for drinks and a natter before and/or after the event...we will keep you updated!

  • Better spot lighting on the stage for more defined shadows. This is something I'm pretty sure we had at the first event but neglected at the second due to last minute panics over the sound system.

  • Not having the DJ sat in a prime drawing spot - now this is something we can't address at Escucha as literally there is no other place we can put him, we dont have a long enough lead!!! As for the organisers taking up prime drawing spots, WE DRAW TOO! And I actually have evidence of the DJ drawing, his erotic stick-women are legendary! Another reason I need to be next to the stage is to wave my arms frantically and pull faces at the backstage crew (stage directions), I also need to be able to leap onto the stage in a split second incase of major disaster or costume failure or if a scuffle breaks out over the prize table (those robin hood colouring in postcards are a rarity you know!) . We will however be looking at getting higher chairs behind the DJ sofa so our big heads aren't getting in your way so much!

Further updates on feedback are on their way, another blog post is soon to follow. Dont forget our next event is a mini Dr Sketchy and is FREE it's the Danse Macabre special, check out

Our next full Dr Sketchy is on Dec 5th with Missy Malone and Leyla Rose, a real treat NOT TO BE MISSED!

Following that, for those of you who have got a taste for burlesque and fancy having a go, Missy & Leyla will be doing a burlesque fan dancing workshop at The Ropewalk, check out the main Sketchy Nottingham website for details and tickets. Its open to men and women and focusses on the art of fan dance, theres no nudity required or tassel twirling involved, it's all in the best possible taste and guaranteed to be fun and informative. We think it makes a great early Xmas gift, OR even better, learn and then surprise your other half with your dancing skills on Xmas day!

See you all soon!
x Charlotte

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