Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nightmares before Christmas

With just over a week to go before our December event, the last show of 2010, things are gearing up nicely. As Christmas is just around the corner we thought we'd celebrate in our own special way, with a little nod to the dark and twisted soul that is Tim Burton. Who said this time of year has to be full of carols and candy canes!

We've scoured the country for acts that would do our theme justice and oh boy have we found a couple of corkers! I've had the pleasure to perform on the same bill as both of these lovely ladies, strangely at the same show but on different nights, The Wet Spot in Leeds, which is without a doubt one of the best burlesque and cabaret shows in the UK so go along if you can.

So..... onto the performers.

Bringing us the character of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas we have Suzie Sequin , a "burlesque performer, actress, singer, dancer and international pin-up model made up of classic rock n roll and vintage pin up glamour, with a bohemian streak!"

And for those of you who remember the Metz adverts Sherry Trifle's act The Judderman will be very familiar. She's a "truly scrumptious recipe for a little bit of fruity burlesque ........a whole lot of calorie-filled yummy naughtiness with lashings of cream and cherries on top." and quite fitting with a description like that she will also be bringing her giant trifle dish along to pose in as well!

This show will be at our usual venue Escucha on Fletcher Gate in Nottingham. Doors open at 12:30, the show will kick off at 1:00 and we'll be all wrapped up by 4:00. Tickets are on sale through the website .

There will be competitions, prizes, cocktails, cupcakes and fun and we really hope to see you there!

Scarlett x

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