Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

Saturday 14th August 2010 is Dr Sketchy Nottingham's first birthday!! What a year it's been! We want to thank the amazing line up of performers and models that have helped make our Sketchy branch such a success so far...

Diva Hollywood
Mysti Vine
Des O'Connor
Ryvita Von Cheese
Emerald Ace
Leyla Rose
Missy Malone
Anna Fur Laxis
Fanny Divine
Frankii Wilde
Zara Ann
Khandie Khisses
Lola Pops
Betty Jane
Jody Capuano
Malificent Martini
and Dee Christopher (sorry to anyone I've forgotten!)

So what do we have to offer you for our big birthday "Kiss me Quick" Summer Seaside show?

Here's a little taste of what's to come. Introducing.... Miss Leggy Pee!.... (and Charlie)

And that's not all.

As well as the lovely Leggy we have a bathing beauty all the way from Grimsby, Snappy O'Shea! Bringing her very fetching inflatable....

So if that's enough to tickle your fancy get your tickets from the usual place dig out your buckets and spades, knot your best hankie in place and get down to Escucha for 12:30pm on Saturday!

See you there!

Scarlett x

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dr Sketchy Nottingham at Delicious Burlesque Festival

A great time was had yesterday at Delicious in Derby! I was joined by Sketchy Nottingham regular Jake Gumbleton who had the fab idea of doing some live drawing, so we spent the afternoon chasing down pretty girls (Benny Hill style) to sit for us! We were later joined by another of our regulars Aiden and much beer was consumed!

Good times!

Big thanks to my dad who was a trooper, taking Scarletts place as Sketchy cohort for the day while she was performing at the Hot Rod Hayride!

Also huge congratulations to Elle Amour who was crowned Queen of the burlesque newcomers by myself, Kittie Klaw, Joe Black and Beatrix Von Bourbon. A definite star in the making!

Thanks to Shaz & Jules of Heresy n Heelz and the team at State if the Art events for putting on such a great event, the stalls and stage shows were fab and everything was super well organised! Kudos chaps I know how hard you must have worked!


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