Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini Dr Sketchy Pit of Curiosities Special

Much fun was had on saturday at our mini taster event - inspite of lots of tired faces from the night before! The mini event was a follow on from Pit of Curiosities, a big event held on Friday night by Danse Macabre. Scarlett and I were both heavily involved with Scarlett performing as a robot all night in a costume we made together.

Our models on saturday were -
Emma Neale
(aka Miss Rain Photographym, who stepped in last minute as Barbarella!)
Mat Douglas who posed as both a maid (Rocky Horror style) and an Alien Autopsy (his costume from Pit of Curiosities) and
Hannah Morgan who posed as a steampunk babe in Eternal Spirits corsetry and some pretty cool goggles!

We were a little short staffed but with a lot of comraderie and hard work and a very understanding audience we pulled it off and had a great turn out! We had to fetch more chairs and squeezed everyone into the upstairs room at the Central. There were lots of new faces which is always fantastic!

Massive thanks to Natalie J Watts who took over as photographer when Emma stepped up as a model and provided all the music when we reallised we had none due to my laptop meltdown two weeks ago!! Everyone took on several jobs to help out, doubling up as DJs, doorstaff and sales clerks! What a bunch of troopers, THANK YOU!

We can't wait til this Saturday (20th) event now, it's the BIG one, the real McCoy and we have a fantastic line up for you! Grab your tickets in advance from the website or pay on the door, Doors open 12:30 at Escucha!

x Charlotte

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